The great advantage to buying a trained dog is that you get to see exactly how well the dog can hunt, how obedient it is, and it's disposition towards people, before you buy it.  You know exactly what you're getting, no surprises.  We feel that you should be able to take a Started dog out hunting and expect it to do a good job for you right from the start, and we train them with that expectation in mind.

The Started dogs that we offer for sale are dogs that we have raised from puppies.  These dogs have been through the training we use for our Started Training Program, including:

- early socialization
- on and off-leash obedience
- introduction to birds, the gun, and water
- force fetch
- collar conditioning
- steadiness training
- many land marks
- many water marks
- upland work on quartering, flushing, and retrieving



D.O.B.  9/20/16


DAM:  SHR Faith


Clay is a 16 month old chocolate male.  His looks and build greatly favor his sire.  Clay loves to train almost as much as he loves to hunt, going through our Started Training Program in the summer of 2017.  He spent the fall of 2017 guiding pheasant hunts at Paul Nelson Farm by Gettysburg, SD.  Clay made hundreds of retrieves, and also started to point towards the end of the season. 

Clay is currently going through our Finished
Training Program.




D.O.B.  4/25/16

SIRE:  Northern Plains Two of Spades


DAM:  Red Fern's Little Ann

Trey is an exceptional retriever who loves to see a bird go down.  She passed four HRC Started
Hunting Retriever tests in the summer of 2017.
In the fall of 2017 she retrieved hundreds of pheasants while working as a guide dog at Paul Nelson Farm by Gettysburg, SD.  Waterfowl or pheasants, she has the drive to get the job done.

Trey is currently on our truck every day doing marking set-ups on land and water.  She is steady to shot, used to decoys, and is comfortable running off a Ruff Stand or out of a
ground blind.


Opening Day 2011 - five man Stottler family limit.   All retrieves by HRCH Train MH!

  Northern Plains Retrievers - Our Dogs Hunt!!

Northern Plains Retrievers - Our Dogs Hunt!!