Welcome to our new training and breeding facility! 

Our new facility features 36.5 acres of hay ground and pasture land to train on, without having to load the dogs on the truck and travel!   We also have access to train on three ponds adjoining our property.

Our newly renovated kennel building is 32' x 84', and is heated and insulated.  We have 32 indoor runs in a climate controlled environment!  The kennel is equipped with it's own sanitation system, featuring a flush system that insures a clean environment for the dogs.  It has four commercial ceiling fans for circulation, along with an exhaust fan and shutter system for getting rid of heat and humidity in the summer.  The block walls of our kennel runs stop cross-contamination during cleaning, and our sanitation protocol provides for daily disinfection of the runs.  When finished, we will have three airing yards to allow for the dogs to exercise with dogs their own age and gender, and we will be able to avoid any personality conflicts!

Our training room features over 2,000 square feet of space with in-floor heat, allowing for year-round training!  The new whelping room was renovated with heat, insulation, and new dog doors for the moms to access outside runs.  We also added an airing yard for newly weaned pups!

First class labrador retriever training facilities

For those days when we train off of our property, or head to a hunt test, our dogs travel in style in a 10 Hole Stainless Steel Ainley Topper on our Ford F350 Super Duty.  It is insulated and includes four vents, two fans, kennel lights, and airing lights.  Underneath the topper is a 6' double drawer system, outfitted with a 30 gallon pressurized water tank.  We also can hook up to our 8 Hole Trailer complete with a 4-wheeler platform, 20 gallon water tank, and a storage box.

We have the tools and resources to train your labrador retriever to its highest potential