Finished Program

For dogs that have been through our Started Program.

This program is for the intense waterfowler or pheasant hunter that needs a dog that can mark and retrieve multiple birds that have been shot, and can also do basic blind retrieves as it responds to whistle and hand signals.  The work required includes:

            - pile work
            - pattern blinds
            - 3-handed casting
            - single and double T drills
            - advanced steadiness training
            - multiple marks on land and on water

This program balances drill work for the blind retrieves with marking drills for the multiple marks.  It will include a high number of set ups in the field with multiple marks using dead birds and live flyers.  When your dog has completed this program you will have a superior gun dog that can do it all!

4-6 Month Program.  Cost - $750/month (live birds extra)

Sadie, a black labrador retriever, holds a duck while awaiting a command during a handling training session.