Puppy Program  

This program will introduce your puppy to the hunting and training environment, and provide on-leash obedience training as well as collar-conditioning so you can control your pup in the field.

The first two-three weeks we focus on the obedience part of the training.  Your dog will be learning to respond to the following commands: sit, sit-to-stay, heel, here, kennel, down, and no.  When your dog responds well to all the commands on the leash we will reinforce the "kennel" and "here" commands with the electronic collar, making sure you will have control for those times when it's off-leash as well.  We will also work to correct any problem behavior such as jumping up on people, barking, and running away.

The last two-three weeks we focus on the hunting aspects of the training, including: 
- introduction to birds, gunfire, and water (season permitting)
- introduction to medium / heavy cover
- retrieving
- handling by a number of different people
     - exposure to dogs of different ages

This training is designed to get your pup off to a great start and ready for more training when it’s older.  We think it is important at this age for the puppy to “learn how to learn”, making it much easier to learn advanced concepts when the pup is ready.

4-6 Week Program.  Cost - $850 (live bird costs extra)

A young labrador retriever on the hunt during a puppy training session.