Started Program

This program is designed to produce a basically trained hunting dog.  It includes the following concepts:

            - obedience training
- introduction to birds, gunfire, and water
            - force fetch training
            - collar conditioning
            - land and water marks
            - steadiness training
            - whistle training

We will design the program to fit the type of hunting you do.  The Upland Program will include quartering work and a number of planted live birds to flush and retrieve.  The Waterfowl Program will include exposure to boats, blinds, and decoys.  If you plan to do both types of hunting, we will work on both components in training.  When this program is completed you will be able to take your dog home and go hunting!

3-4 Month Program.  Cost - $750/month (live birds extra)

A labrador retriever leaps into the water to retrieve a bird during a training session.