SHR Northern Plains Lil' Miss Molly

SIRE:  HRCH Gator Point Colorado Aces High MH

DAM:  HRCH Tigers Tearin' 'Em Up MH

D.O.B.  4/25/2012


Molly is a dog with a wonderful combination of good looks, strong conformation, and a sweet disposition.   She is a very intelligent dog with a great deal of marking ability.  She earned her HRC Started Hunting Retriever title with four straight passes.  Molly is fast proving to be an excellent dog in the upland field as well, she absolutely loves to pheasant hunt!  She spent the last four falls guiding pheasant hunts at Paul Nelson Farm by Gettysburg, SD.

Hips: O.F.A. Good | Eyes: Clear | EIC: Clear | CNM: Clear

AKC: SR72705611 | UKC: R232-090


SHR NPR's True Believer

SIRE:  HRCH Black Ice's Carbon Copy of Ammo Mud Bud MH, QAA

DAM:  HRCH Kenswood's Amazing Grace SH

D.O.B.  5/27/2013



Faith is a wonderful dog to work with whether she's running a hunt test or running down pheasants!  Her ability to focus and mark birds is second to none, and yet she can calm down and work you for attention with the best of them at the end of the day.  The last four falls Faith has worked for me guiding pheasant hunts at Paul Nelson Farm by Gettysburg, SD.

Hips: Penn Hip 90th % | Eyes: Clear | EIC: Clear | CNM: Clear

AKC: SR78140605 | UKC: R248-323


HRCH NPR's Grady's Nik of Time

SIRE:  NAFC, FC, AFC Cody Cut a Lean Grade

DAM:  HRCH JLB Rough's Roman Goddess MH, QAA

D.O.B.  12/25/2013


Nikki is a tall, strong dog who absolutely loves to work!  Whether training, running hunt tests, or guiding pheasant hunters, she possesses unmatched enthusiasm.  Nikki is simply a joy to work with.  In the summer of 2019 she earned her HRC Hunting Retriever Champion title at the Arrowhead HRC test in Mt. Iron, MN. Nikki passed three straight AKC Senior tests in the summer of 2019 before she came into season.

Hips: Penn Hip 90th % | Eyes: Clear | EIC: Clear | CNM: Clear

AKC: SR81212706 | UKC: R243-643


SHR NPR Pursuit of Perfection

SIRE:  FC/AFC It’s all Over Now Baby Blue

DAM:  HRCH/UH Gator Point Stuffed Tater MH

D.O.B.  4/21/2016


Throws Chocolate


Lexi is the whole package - she has all the instincts her outstanding pedigree promises, great looks, strong build, a willingness to please, intelligence, and a super attitude. She went through our Finished Training Program in the summer of 2018, and will be working on her HRC Hunting Retriever title in 2019.

Hips: O.F.A. Good | Eyes: Clear | EIC: Clear | CNM: Clear

AKC: SR93134001 | UKC: 279-115


SHR NPR's Cool Shades

SIRE:  4X GMPR, HRCH HRK's Rooster Smasher of TGK MH, QAA

DAM:  Brensue Benelli of Misty Marsh JH

D.O.B.  5/26/2013



Oakley is a strongly built chocolate female running about 61 lbs.  She is a pin point marker, stepping on every mark of every test enroute to her HRC Started Hunting Retriever title.  She has an outstanding disposition, and works hard to please, making her a wonderful dog to train.  Oakley really covers ground in the upland, and can go all day.  In our four seasons guiding at Paul Nelson Farm, she really excelled and retrieved hundreds of pheasants!

Hips: Penn Hip 90th % | Eyes: Clear | EIC: Clear | CNM: Clear

AKC: SR78220902 | UKC: R248-322


SHR Northern Plains
Hard Freeze

Bearpoints Rosco MH

DAM:  CPR Sauk Rivers
Princess Jazzerbelle

D.O.B.  6/20/2013


Throws Yellow                                                                                                      

Ice has a tremendous attitude toward both retrieving and people. She loves to train and stays happy even after corrected, she simply can’t get enough work in the field!  Ice earned her Hunting Retriever Club Started Hunting Retriever title in the Summer of 2014, going 4-for-4 in back-to-back weekends.  In the falls of 2015, 2016, and 2017 Ice worked as a guide dog on pheasants at Paul Nelson Farm out of Gettysburg, SD.  She is very competitive and works hard to get to every bird first!  Ice points and has thrown point in her previous litters.

Hips: Penn Hip 90th% | Eyes: Clear | EIC: Clear | CNM: Clear
AKC: SR31463206 | UKC: R248-324



SHR NPR's By The
Grace of God

Dakota's Diamond Jim MH

Diamond Lill SH

D.O.B.  2/2/2014                        

Grace is a tall, strong dog out of outstanding retriever lines.  She has loads of talent that is matched only by a ton of personality. She is extremely intelligent and can work you for attention with the best of them.  Grace has now mastered the upland game, retrieving hundreds of pheasants while guiding pheasant hunts with me the last four seasons at Paul Nelson Farm by Gettysburg, SD.

                                                Hips: Penn Hip 60th % | Eyes: Clear | EIC: Clear | CNM: Clear

                                                AKC: SR81413406 | UKC: R244-488