Hunt Test Training

For Dogs and Owners that Respond Well to Challenges

This program is for the dogs that possess a high level of intelligence, drive, and trainability.  This program is for the dog owner that desires to see his/her dog reach the absolute top level of performance it can reach, and is willing to make the commitment to get it there.  Dogs that run at the AKC Senior / Master levels, and the HRC Seasoned / Finishedlevels will work on the following concepts and much more:

            - multiple retrieves including doubles, triples, and quads
            - land / water combinations - land blinds to 200+ yards
            - water blinds to 150+ yards
            - diversion birds
            - poison birds
            - eraser birds
            - walk-ups

Length Varies.  Cost - $750/month plus test fees, handling fees, live bird costs, travel expenses.

Pistol, a yellow labrador retriever, poses with his recently earned HRC hunt test title ribbons.