Finished dogs have all the skills of a Started dog, plus they have learned how to handle on blind retrieves, retrieve multiple birds from the field, and have advanced steadiness skills. 

From time to time we will have a Finished lab for sale. When one becomes available we will post it on this area of our website. If you are interested in a Finished Retriever, please contact us and we can develop one of our pups into your new hunting partner!

Clay 1 (2).JPG


D.O.B.  9/20/16


DAM:  SHR Faith

Clay 2.JPG

Clay is a 20 month old chocolate male.  His looks and build greatly favor his sire.  Clay loves to train almost as much as he loves to hunt, going through our Started Training Program in the summer of 2017.  He spent the fall of 2017 guiding pheasant hunts at Paul Nelson Farm by Gettysburg, SD.  Clay made hundreds of retrieves, and also started to point towards the end of the season. 

Clay is currently  going through our Finished Training Program.  He should be ready by September 2018!


 Wade and Tiger, a chocolate labrador retriever, watch a bird fall during a training session.